Where to Eat

“There’s no sincerer love than the love of food”

– George Bernard Shaw

Our love for food doesn’t quite end in our kitchen. We love dining at new restaurants or ordering from one. Sometime’s the food just blows us away, times like such we really don’t bother how much slips out of our pockets and on other occasions they simply disappoint us and our pockets heavily. So we thought how about we share our journey of food and pockets with you so that you don’t end up at the wrong place with the wrong food. Because at the end of the day we don’t quite care which waiter waited our table, all we care is about the food that is served on the table.

Chili’s, Vashi

Guacamole Burger

Started a few months ago, the place has done wonders and grabbed a huge crowd attention since it opened up. I was dying to come down to this place and feel the hype myself. The ambiance of the place is quite pleasing. One major drawback of the place is it’s service, while I have enjoyed the luxury of being attended well at most restaurants (even the small time restaurants) at their busiest hours. It took the staff here 10 – 15 odd minutes to grab a few glasses of water and the menu cards to the table. And even after that we had to wait to grab the attention of the waiter who was attending us to give out our orders. We ordered for a Guacamole Burger, Molten Chocolate cake and Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie. I could just go on complaining how slothful the service was, but then I think I should just jump on to the bright side of the restaurant rather than keeping on hammering the ‘Poor Service’ nail in their coffin.

Guacamole Burger

The Guacamole Burger was simply too good in the mouth. While everything in the burger complemented each other well, the bell peppers didn’t quite fit in for me and my palate. The fries were way below average, well my friends went out of their way to say that the fries I make were much better than the one served to us (Well what I make isn’t the traditional french fries. Its a recipe that’s passed down in my family. My grandma taught it to my mom and I stole the recipe from my mom. I will surely post it soon someday). But well the burger was value for money.

Chocolate Chip Paradise PieWP_20150815_008

Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie  and Molten Chocolate Cake both were stars in themselves. While the molten chocolate with vanilla ice cream made a huge combination. Vanilla ice cream didn’t fail to complement the chewy bar either. They were sure the highlights for our table. And we didn’t realize how quickly these two plates were washed out. It was seriously quick. I am sure looking forward to my next visit here with more dishes on my table the next time around and maybe better service the next time.

Neopolitan Pizza


A Italian restaurant that serves only vegetarian pizzas and pastas. Walking into this restaurant was a disappointment thinking I would be served only veg. Well the waiter first came in and before he even handed us the menu. he asked would you like to be served with a lunch buffet. I was a bit skeptical at first and asked for a minute before placing the order. But having a look at the menu we anyway decided to go on with the lunch buffet. So here’s the deal we got Unlimited soup, salads, garlic bread, 3 types of pizzas, one round of coke and desserts. We walked up to the salad counter and we were surprised to find pastas and noodles (Noodles and Italian food really got me wondering). Highlights of the salad counter were the Date and cabbage salad, Kimchi, Corn salad, kidney bean salad, coleslaw and quite a few more. But sure the Spicy pasta that was in the counter had no tastes whatsoever. Red sauce pasta sure was good but that’s a dish you could never get wrong. Then we were served with our bowls of vegetarian noodle soup (Seriously you should reconsider calling yourself a Italian joint), however the soup did turn out good and the other soup that was put down on to the table was a creme of tomato soup which was fairly good.


But we just couldn’t get enough of the salad so here we go for another round of salads and then comes in the Garlic bread topped with sweet corn and peppers with cheese. Not the best but surely not the worst either. Then came in the highlight of the restaurant THE PIZZAS. The mozzarella pizza, and a couple more with a few veggies on top. Well the ITALIAN joint surely failed big time when it came to serving what should have been the best. It wasn’t much of a disappointment, it was just par. and finally came in the  chocolate brownie again just a par dish.



But here’s the best thing about this place. All this came for only 199 per head excluding taxes of course. But still a lunch buffet for just 199, I don’t see a reason to go back here. Well yeah the food ain’t too good but then next time I will just fill my plate with more of salads all the while that won’t hurt after all.

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