Legend’s Cafe

D.Y. Patil is one of the biggest campuses in Mumbai with the best of amenities compared to any other college in town. Well let’s highlight on the international standard cricket stadium to start with, then they have a pretty decent hospital and well the campus provides a variety of under-graduation and graduation courses as well. But do I really care about this all (If I say No I would be lying because I am constantly being considered to cover various events happening at the campus.) But what I love the most about this place (No I am not talking about the friends that I have at the campus, they made me do their college fest for so cheap damn!!) I am talking about their canteen, Legends Cafe. With such variety in the menu, it’s just a delight being there. Talk about the ambiance, well I hate what they keep playing on the speakers, the songs are a pain to the ears. Like any other college canteen, this is a self-service cafe and at peak hours you have to stand in long queues to get through to the counter to get the orders placed. And well when there’s so much going on at the cash counter you end up waiting long for the food to arrive. Probably you already starting to wonder if everything is wrong about this place why do I still love it. In simple words, insanely tasty food. Be it alfredo pasta, or chicken steak with veggies, or lasagna with chicken and mushroom or fish and chips. They all are very well cooked to perfection and well seasoned. Occasionally you do end up getting served cold food but well if you are biting into something that just makes you close your eyes and feel every bit of what you’re chewing on, we can excuse them for serving something cold after all that chaos they would be going through in the kitchen during those lunch hours.


So this last weekend I was doing a campus infrastructure and campus life shoot at D.Y. Patil and well I happened to get a chance to click a photo of few people from the Legends Cafe kitchen and well for the first time my featured image wouldn’t be that of food but the team responsible for that food.

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