Chi Na Chi Ni

I know I haven’t been hugely active posting anything off lately. It’s not like I have reached a point where I am out of content, it was just that I was running through a rough phase juggling between life, graduation applications and work. Couple of month’s back it was Rimpa’s birthday and she being a huge fan of Asian cuisine we had to pick on something Asian and that’s when I came across this place called Chi Na Chi Ni

Let’s start off with deciphering the name of this place (I am only making my guesses here) Chi Na, when we combine it it becomes China and Chi Ni again when we combine it Chini that’s the word the Indian’s use to refer to Chinese people well in Hindi it also means sugar but I would stick to the former.

I read great reviews about this place and I thought why not try this place out. So we headed to Chi Na Chi Ni for lunch, and I have to start with their decor. Located inside a building by the name Royal Tulip, Chi Na Chi Ni has a very royal feel to its decor, highly sophisticated with well arranged furniture and all the culinary were placed on the table with such finesse.

Well we walked in just when they were to close the kitchen for the evening service and hence we pretty much had the restaurant’s lunch service to ourselves. The attendants were on their toes bringing in every dish the second we were done with our round of food. 

Just like the decor and the service, the food as well didn’t fail to impress us. Everything was placed beautifully on the plate and everything tasted just perfect. So we ordered for Coriander Chili Dim Sum, the were so light and full of flavor, you would have nothing to point out wrong about it. We also had some Crispy Asian Vegetables a dish simply fried with some salt and pepper, well you can’t expect a chef to go wrong with this dish but moreover but appeals the most about this dish is such a simple preparation was put up with such elegance on the plate and tasted just awesome. Finally we had Chili Coriander Noodles with veggies, now this was something that didn’t quite go well with our taste buds, the noodles were slightly overcooked to start with and maybe it was just that we had coriander chili dim sum and then more of coriander as main ingredient just didn’t work out well for us. And finally we finished it all up with a chocolate and nuts dim sum Ah!!! sheer brilliance!!! At the end of the day we were pleased with the overall dining experience and with the service of course given the fact that they let us in just when they were to close.


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