You Me and Cuppa Tea

Well I have passed this place a hundred times but being frank I am not really the tea guy!! I am the coffee guy!! But when your best friend just went through a break up you do everything she wants to do and I reached You me & cuppa tea. Well the decor is simple class!! You can’t really complain about anything. If you want the comfort of the cool evening breeze you can just sit out. If you want the comfort of the air conditioning you can stay in and if you want to feel super comfortable you climb up the stairs and sit on cushions and rest yourself. The service was just as good as the place. The attendant got a few of his tea jars and asked us to take in the aroma of the variety he had and decide something off the menu. So the first thing I picked up was Fountain of Life, the minute the took in that aroma I felt like I took in a new life in me. So I went through the others and after smelling and few my nose couldn’t take any more, though I liked a few I went on to order The Fountain Of Life and when he got it in a cup it was jut as refreshing as the tea leaves itself. It was very light and it was just perfect in every sense. I thing I have a new place to hangout at and a favourite order as well. 

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