Yoko Sizzlers

One of the most popular franchisee for sizzlers in Mumbai. I had my first ever sizzler from Yoko,Malad it was a prawns sizzler, years back when I was in school (The days when I was running around in half length shorts like my friend would keep reminding me every once a while). The Yoko had finally reached Navi Mumbai a couple years back but then I never really got a chance to visit them. My mom is also a huge lover of sizzlers, so on her birthday this year we went out to Yoko’s.

The place is pretty well decorated but one of the problems with the place is poor ventilation. And since the place serves sizzlers there’s too much smoke all around and due to the poor ventilation it’s a bit suffocating. The service is pretty decent, the attendants are always on their toes and rush out with the dishes. They don’t keep you waiting for long. We order for some fruit shots and a mushroom cocktail.

We ordered for a round of non-alcoholic fruit shots, well a few tasted good the others were simply disastrous. We ordered for a mushroom cocktail, it was just a creamy mushroom dish with some beetroot I suppose, it was not that bad but not mind bobbling . Finally came the champ Shashlik Chicken sizzler, made a pretty grand entry to the room with all the crackling noise and the smoke spreading out the room as it passed all other tables to reach us. Well the dish turned out pretty good, I wouldn’t say it matched the standards of what it’s Malad counterpart serves but not bad.


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