The Usual Place 

It was my best friend Swati’s *BFF* birthday and after putting her through a lot of misery I and Neha (Co-Author of The Glorified Eaters or so I believe) took her here and while we were dining here my (then) girlfriend calls!

Her: Hey!! Where are you?

Me: Swati’s birthday party!! We are at The Usual Place!

Her: What usual place?

Me: Babes, The Usual Place!!

Her: Ok! Can you just tell me you’re not already drunk!!

Me: Dude I am at The Usual Place

Her: We just started dating you know and I have no F’ing idea where you and your friends hangout!!!

Me: The Usual Place is the name of the restaurant!!Bwahahahahaha!!! 

*Call Ended*

I mean this name itself needs a lot of credits, such a thoughtful name. I remember The Usual Place being referred to in the popular comedy series How I Met Your Mother. The owner should have a really good observation and a huge fan of the series as well. 

Now let’s get down to some evaluation! The Usual Place is a bit shady, very low lights!! I mean I love less lights but for some reason I needed lights in this place because the place had a very good decor and having a little more light in there would have only got things better off! The Usual Place offers a very good drinks menu! The steward made sure we bleed every penny out of our pockets by constantly coming down and suggesting us their great line of drinks and offers! We had two rounds of Kamikaze, 2 rounds of Flaming Lamborghini Ah!! I seriously loved Flaming Lamborghini! I would just go back to this place over and over just to have the flaming Lamborghini. ​

*Ain’t that chick behind me cute!!*

The barkeeper was seriously good, he definitely had some finesse with the Lamborghini. The steward comes up to us and tells us about the Bladder Burst offer that they have. Unlimited rounds of Beer for just ₹499 till you pee!! Why not why not bring it on!! So before I started I made sure to use the loo!! And then there was like 8 glasses of beer and I was still up for more but that’s when the attendant realised that I have a really good bladder and the longer he keeps me waiting I would burst and so did his magic work and then after the long wait for the 9th one I had to run down!! But this was fun. 

The food here is just as good as the drinks that was served but the one issue that I found was the little that they had to offer in food. If you’re looking for a wide range of awesome food!! The Usual Place is not the place but whatever little they serve isn’t bad either. But if the management would consider some improvement to the existing place I would say they need to work on their food menu a lot. 
I would rate this place a 4/5 for the good service, decent food and great drinks and for the first time ever the name!!

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