Aubergine Caviar

We all have a dream!! My dream would be having a noisy kitchen to myself, where someone rushes through the doors every minute and shouts out a bunch of items from the menu that I designed!! And I would shout it out loud to other people in the kitchen and also put myself on toes till I push that plate out through that door!! That’s a long shot!! 

Well let’s put this dream on a much more easy place, I drive a truck with my boy Blaze around the country and every time I stop at some place, we have a food enthusiastic crowd queued up waiting for us and then we start putting out the best we can to these people. Not bad a dream I suppose, but then reality strikes you like a bitch, you’re stuck with the same old 10-7 job trying to make every penny count. You wanna take the risk but then life is about support you have, and for some odd reason I never found mine. But you never know when I would just walk up to my boss one day and tell her my destiny lies somewhere else and I am going in search of it!! If that day happens I don’t wanna be stuck with just a handful of recipes in my head. I have been following Gordon Ramsay’s YouTube channel like a fanboy. Looking for those recipes that I can lay my hand on. And this is one of his recipes that I tried. I have been preparing for my GRE exams so I wake up real early around 4 in the morning and by the time the clock hits 6, I start hearing noises in my tummy. Today was no different and I thought to myself I had got all ingredients for this particular recipe so I should get down to putting this together today.  This is not one of those beautiful looking dishes but the flavours are so awesome you would just lick everything off. Not that I have displayed any beautiful looking plates so far. I really suck at plating up, not really my forte. I prefer content over presentation but I do know both have to go hand in hand. Here’s this recipe straight from Gordon Ramsay (Beacause this was my first attempt I didn’t try anything different with the recipe stuck to everything to the point. Except for the cooking method)


  • Aubergine
  • Garlic
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme 
  • Fresh Cream/Sour Cream
  • Coriander 
  • Lime juice
  • Olive oil
  • Salt & Pepper


  • Cut the aubergine into half. 

  • Cut the garlic into half and rub the cut side on he aubergine. 
  • Using a knife make crisscrossing cuts on the aubergine. 

  • Now stick thyme and rosemary into the gaps made by the cuts. 

  • Drizzle a little olive oil on top of it and also some salt. Now put the halves together and wrap the aubergine in tin foils. 

  • Put the aubergine into microwave and leave it in for 35-40 mins. Now here’s where I had to twist a bit. First five minutes into the microwave and my microwave just goes off!! I was like wtf!! My microwave broke down!! The noise was getting so loud I had to finish this and start eating. So I pulled out the aubergine crackers from the microwave and put them into the steamer. 
  • Took same 30 odd minutes for them to cook through. 
  • Once cooked remove the foil and remove all the thyme and rosemary stalks. Using a spoon scoop out the aubergine. Using a knife roughly chop the aubergine. 

  • Heat a pan, add some olive oil and then the aubergine. Stir it for a couple of minutes. 
  • Take the aubergine off the heat into a bowl. Chop some coriander and add it in. 
  • Now add the cream and mix it all together. 
  • Finally add some lime juice and mix it well. 
  • It’s best served refrigerated with bread. 

Hope you all love this dish!! Well it did do wonders when I took it to work. My teammates made sure to not leave a bit. 

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