Cafe Monza

A really high rated cafe in navi mumbai and I have been wanting to visit this place for really long. After one of my recent shoots with my friend Rasika , we jumped into my car and went to this cafe. The place has a pretty good decor and the service also is very good. So we ordered for a chicken and pineapple pizza, blueberry shake, a risotto and a brownie with vanilla ice cream. I love blueberries so I wouldn’t be complaining a lot here about the shake because it was pretty good and god did it give me a brain freeze and I loved that feeling. Risotto as well was purely decent, nothing to go wow about. I would definitely say I have had better risottos. The chicken and pine apple pizza loaded with cheese,which I swear I should have loved but it had become too rubbery which was really fun. But then the chef didn’t disappoint us with the brownie, it was bang on.

Well it seems all the places I have been visiting recently would be having a bad day when I visit them. A place that is so highly rated was able to serve just decent food or maybe it was just that I walked in with just huge expectations to be blown away that it just couldn’t reach that high.

I would rate this place a 3.5/5


img_3923    img_3924     img_3925

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