North West

There are restaurants I like and then there are restaurants I don’t like but I never hated one. However, North West made sure I have a new list made, The Places I Hate to Dine At.



We went there for the lunch buffet and I ordered for non veg buffet. The only thing I loved about the whole buffet was just one starters Fish Koliwada. Everything else was just ok. The deserts we had Gulab Jamun it was soft as fuck!!! I had to love it but then excessive amount of cardamom ruined the taste altogether. Now I can’t just go and rate a restaurant so low just because they served me just ok dishes. I mean they deserve at least a 3 for the efforts. But when your waiter constantly walks on to your table and asks you if he should clear the table like after we finish every dish is irritating and after we lost our temper and complained about the same. The quality of food just drops, the ice tea that we had like 3 times already suddenly doesn’t have lemon or mint in it and all it tasted was like a sugar syrup. The fish koliwada that I loved excessively and kept on calling for it suddenly turned up overly spicy but I still liked it.

Lessons learnt:
1. Never complain about the service till you’re done dining.
2. Never go back to North West!!

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