Olde Baileys, Seawoods

A year back when I saw this new place opened up in my neighborhood, I had walked in and tried their burger and some coffee. The burger was so tough to chew on I would have really went out and requested for hammer or maybe a saw to break it apart and feed on. Since then this place was always off the places I would go back to. Earlier last week I happen to be shooting with a friend of mine, ask me about the shoot well distraous would be an understatement. We saw the sun was out, perfect weather to shoot but as soon as we reached our location we were greeted with some drizzling rain which later came down with all its forces. But giving up was not really an option so we went about and did the shoot. After the shoot was over we both were starving like crazy so as we were driving back, my model tells me that Bailey’s serve really good pasta and they also have really good pizza. I was a bit skeptical about visiting the place again, but off recently the place has been trending like crazy, they are like everywhere Facebook, Instagram you just name it. So we go down there and order for Chicken Fusilli Alfredo and Mexican Feast Pizza and a green tea. Let’s go one by one, Chicken Fusilli Alfreado lacked seasoning and most of all it lacked a very important thing CHICKEN. I could like ask for salt and pepper and sprinkle some on to my taste but then you forget an ingridient, you screwed up big time. Now to pizza when you leave more than half the pizza on the table you can understand very well that you choose the wrong thing in your life. Just because your kitchen had excess of gravy it doesn’t mean you throw all of it on a single pizza. If you had to show off your generosity you could have just brought one more pizza to our table and said “This is on the house” but then even after that I wonder if would really be eating the whole thing. That’s a lot of cribbing I know but if I am complaining so much I should be a good critic and point out on the good things about the place as well, the green tea I swear they didn’t mess it up. They boiled some water, poured it into a cup and put the tea bag in and brought it to the table and that was the only right thing on the table. They apologised for the poor quality of burger in the past. I think they should probably rethink of the business they are into cause definitely food industry ain’t their thing. 
P.S. Image used from Google Search

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