Indian Potato Fries

A dish my grandma(Ammachi) taught my mom and I learned it from her. I lost my grandma couple of months back and today as I write this post all I am left with are memories of her and the food she cooked.  The last minutes I stood next to her as she gave up fighting the urge to be with us a little longer. Cooking these dishes are probably what’s gonna keep her alive for me I guess. There’s so much to talk about her but I would rather today stick to talking about this beautiful dish she cooked. Well as the name suggests I don’t really think it’s a dish that’s widely prepared maybe something that runs around from where I was born. It’s like the Indian version of French fries only this is more oily than its French counterpart. 

1. Potatoes peeled and diced along the  length (1-2)

2. Turmeric powder (1 tsp)

3. Chilly powder (1 1/2 tbsp)

4. Salt (to taste)

5. 8-10 tbsp of olive oil (Just fill the pan with the oil that’s my way of doing it)

1. Mix all the spices to the diced potatoes

2. Put it on a low flame, tossing the potatoes occasionally to avoid the potatoes from sticking to the pan. Adding a tablespoon of water would be perfect. This basically binds all the spices well with the potatoes. 

3. Set aside the potatoes for 2-3 mins so that spices stick well to the potatoes. 

4. Now pour in the oil onto the pan, more is good for this dish (if you’re health conscious you should probably stop reading already)

5. Toss in he potatoes once the oil is heated up. Leave it in for 7-10 mins on low flame, stirring occasionally. I love my potato fried till crispy. Now there’s just a thin line from a crispy potato fry to a burnt potato fry to you might wanna keep your eye open if you prefer having crispy. 

The dish tastes good even when it’s not pushed to that crispy end, that’s how my mom prefers it done but a little crunch is always good. Hope you would love this taste and probably try this as well. 

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