Tomato Passata

I just happen to fumble upon this sauce. And after a lot of research I found that this is something that is made in abundance in Italy. It so happens there’s a festival called Melbourne Tomato Festival where in they make Tomato Passata rather on a very large scale. Tomato passata is a way to preserve tomatoes for their use throughout the year.

So after going through a lot of recipes all of which had different ingredients and techniques involved. I started experimenting the dish in my own way and finally came up with something that’s rather really a simple way to preserve these red voluptuous fruit. But I will be frank I hate tomatoes but then I keeping tomato out of a dish is like a criminal offence and so I hard to learn a way to preserve these red monsters even though we Indians never run out of tomatoes what if a asteroid hits the country and at times like such I will have a jar full of tomatoes preserved and locked with their flavors.



  • Tomatoes (1 kg of tomatoes give you like a jar full of passata)


  • Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry Tomato Cherry Tomato

  • Fresh Basil Leaves


  • Cut the ripe tomatoes into halves and put them straight into a pan and leave it on medium heat.
  • Let them cook for like 20-30 minutes till water starts to come out of the tomatoes and starts to simmer.
  • Then add in the cherry tomatoes and leave them for another 10 – 15 minutes on medium heat.


  • Lastly add a 2-3 chopped basil leaves into the pan. (This is not something that is traditionally done. But I loved the hint of basil flavor in the passata so you may as well give this a try).
  • Let them cook for another 5 minutes and now pass the whole thing through a strainer. You can use the water that’s left out for any other dish that plan to cook.
  • Now using a food mill or a strainer and a food crusher. Crush out all the tomatoes.


  • And tadaaaa.a…you have your passata ready.
  • Store it in a sterilized jar and leave a whole basil leaf in it.

Tomato Passata

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