Neopolitan Pizza

Salads Salads

A Italian restaurant that serves only vegetarian pizzas and pastas. Walking into this restaurant was a disappointment thinking I would be served only veg. Well the waiter first came in and before he even handed us the menu. he asked would you like to be served with a lunch buffet. I was a bit skeptical at first and asked for a minute before placing the order. But having a look at the menu we anyway decided to go on with the lunch buffet. So here’s the deal we got Unlimited soup, salads, garlic bread, 3 types of pizzas, one round of coke and desserts. We walked up to the salad counter and we were surprised to find pastas and noodles (Noodles and Italian food really got me wondering). Highlights of the salad counter were the Date and cabbage salad, Kimchi, Corn salad, kidney bean salad, coleslaw and quite a few more. But sure the Spicy pasta that was in the counter had no tastes whatsoever. Red sauce pasta sure was good but that’s a dish you could never get wrong. Then we were served with our bowls of vegetarian noodle soup (Seriously you should reconsider calling yourself a Italian joint), however the soup did turn out good and the other soup that was put down on to the table was a creme of tomato soup which was fairly good.

WP_20150822_13_49_00_Pro WP_20150822_13_56_43_Pro

But we just couldn’t get enough of the salad so here we go for another round of salads and then comes in the Garlic bread topped with sweet corn and peppers with cheese. Not the best but surely not the worst either. Then came in the highlight of the restaurant THE PIZZAS. The mozzarella pizza, and a couple more with a few veggies on top. Well the ITALIAN joint surely failed big time when it came to serving what should have been the best. It wasn’t much of a disappointment, it was just par. and finally came in the  chocolate brownie again just a par dish.

WP_20150822_14_20_39_Pro WP_20150822_14_02_52_Pro


But here’s the best thing about this place. All this came for only 199 per head excluding taxes of course. But still a lunch buffet for just 199, I don’t see a reason to go back here. Well yeah the food ain’t too good but then next time I will just fill my plate with more of salads all the while that won’t hurt after all.

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