Butter Chicken

If you look up for Indian chicken recipes, this has to be on the topmost of the list. The creamiest and the easiest dish to be made that goes well with naan or tandoori roti or rice or chapatti. This is a goto dish for me and my roommates when we want something to be … More Butter Chicken

Spicy Fish Curry

When you’re away from home you miss your traditional food a lot and this dish is like a comfort dish for me that makes I feel home and reminds me of everyone back home. Settling down in Boston hasn’t been difficult but finding those homely flavors have been. But then we do find our ways to … More Spicy Fish Curry

Pad Thai

It’s been a while since I last posted and I have a few posts before this one that starts with the exact same words and well let’s just say get used to the idea of maybe seeing it more often. So, it was one of those lazy days when I called in sick at work … More Pad Thai

Garlic Chicken

Keto diet has helped me explore a lot with proteins and this is one dish that has truly blown my mind. The chicken was so juicy and plus the burnt garlic on the side is truly amazing.     Ingredients: Chicken Drumsticks Garlic Lemon juice Salt & Pepper Olive oil Directions: Season the chicken with … More Garlic Chicken

Legend’s Cafe

D.Y. Patil is one of the biggest campuses in Mumbai with the best of amenities compared to any other college in town. Well let’s highlight on the international standard cricket stadium to start with, then they have a pretty decent hospital and well the campus provides a variety of under-graduation and graduation courses as well. But do … More Legend’s Cafe